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January 04, 2015

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Wrenched Monkey

Shannon Prickett,
November 10, 2014
Rating: 3 out of 3
This book is a story of loss. Loss of self, loss of purpose, loss of life and oh yeah, loss of property, the one that is apparently the scariest. It gives us the experience of watching a protagonist with secrets trade the things she knows for access to the one thing she most wants: violent revenge. Hell yes I’m on board for that trip.
The language is fun in this one and the pacing is crisp as we cut between the past where everything went wrong and the present where our protagonist doggedly works to set things right, despite her tendency to make inexplicably sentimental choices. This is a good introduction to a complicated society and the kinds of detritus cluttering the edges of such a system.
People who might like this book
  • People who like revenge stories (my people!)
  • People who want some slippery science fiction ideas presented well

People who might not like this book

  • People who are brittle about gender language

by binder at January 04, 2015 08:15 PM