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14 May 2019 | code make

The thing about repetition is that it keeps happening.

Which is nice, because it lets one build a process around it. Publishing this website looks dead simple because it is. This is comfortably old tech, meaning it mostly does what it should.

	bundle exec jekyll build

	bundle exec jekyll serve

	cd _site && find . -type f -exec awless create s3object file={} name={} \;

You’ll have already spotted the numerous improvements one could (arguably, should) make but I’m deliberately keeping it fractionally-assed-at-best because I’m not convinced this is what I want to be doing. No point in sharpening the saw if what is needed is instead a hammer. Or perhaps an axe.

Nor should this be construed as a recommendation of this particular flow. I’m rebuilding a pipeline I used to publish a blog built with blosxom to avoid having to learn anything too new, too fast.